By Any Means

Nom Nomen: By Any Means

Project role : Level design, 3D modeling , Concept + Video Editing

What was the project? (game name: By Any Means)
On behalf of the HKU (Hogeschool Kunsten Utrecht) we made this 3D/2D point and click game for the PC.
The idea of the project was to find a new spin on the point and click genre. We did this by combining the 2D style of point and click with a 3D world. The game was still viewed from a sideways perspective,but the level was 3D and the objects could move and turn in 3D space. In the game you follow the main character who after crash landing on an island is trying to get back to her raiding party. (Shes a viking after all) On her way she meets various people and challenges and the way you interact with these is how the game unfolds. (Different paths. ) As a extra note we made a physical controller (a giant button ) that could be interacted with in different ways to choose the different interaction methods we had in the game. (Magic, combat, social and stealth)

Who were the team members?

Robbert Kooiman : Programmer
Wybe van den Bosch: 3D modeling & Texturing, Cinematics and Concept, Project leader.
Lisa Hummel : 2D artist / animator
DInah Siebers: 3D artist / 2D artist / phsyical controller designer.
Audiogroup: “Andy”: The games sound design.

More information about the product :
The team Nom Nomen made this game as a fresh way to make a point and click game in the hope of getting it in a new light in today’s market. (Which is mainly dominated by 3D videogames) Games these days are a lot more action focused which is one of the reasons why the point and click genre tends to not attracted the younger audience. By making a mix of 3D and 2D and point and click and action we hope to attract more players to this game and the genre.

In this game the user plays a Viking girl that has crash-landed on an island where a fight has just taken place. On this island she finds multiple objects and things to interact with. Which interaction the Viking has with these objects is decided by the previous choices of the player. There are 4 options the player can use to tackle every challenge: Aggression, stealth, social and magic. Based on which one you use for what interaction some paths are closed off and others are opened.