Design for Space

Design for Space : Interlocked

Project role : Level design, 3D modeling , Concept + Video Editing

What was the project? (game name: Interlocked)
On behalf of the HKU (Hogeschool Kunsten Utrecht) we made this 3D game for the PC. The Assignment was that we needed to make a 3D game were the focal point was using the environment. There had to be at least three environmental challenges for the player to overcome. These challenges could be things like puzzles or events the player had to solve.

Who were the team members? (collaboration between two universities)
This project was a collaboration between two universities, mainly the HKU (Hogeschool Kunsten Utrecht) and some student from the HU (Hogeschool Utrecht). What this meant was that we learned to work together with students that came from a university that was way more focused on Code Development than ours. Our team consisted of five people of which three were HKU student and two were HU students.

Bas Klein : Prototypes, Development, Concept & Voice Acting
Wybe van den Bosch: 3D modeling & Texturing, Cinematics and Concept
Ernst de Bruijn: Music & Audio, Particle Systems and Concept
Jurriaan Pijpers(HU): Coding, Level design and Asset Manager
Dick Booisma(HU):ยจCoding and Level design

More information about the product :
The focus point of the game was the enormous clock tower in the center of town. The towns people were having a normal rainy day, that was at least until time suddenly stopped. It is up to you to fix time again and you do this by going into the clock tower and entering the alternate dimensions that are connected to the clock tower. By solving the puzzles in the dimensions you help fix the gears of time so time will be returned to normal !
Gameplay mechanics in our game were : Platforming, bouncing light, sliding gears & pulling


(Click play button > Drag left mouse button to rotate around the 3D model)

(Click play button > Drag left mouse button to rotate around the 3D model)