(With the removal/deprecation of flash, the webplayer builds where you could walk around are no longer available.
Some have youtube videos attached so you can still experience some of the enviroments.)

Canal City

Unity: Chinese Canal City

This project was made while livestreaming on the platform twitch. It was inspired by an artpiece i came acrosss (Canal City) and then i visualized that 2D artpiece in a 3D scene where the player could boat around. I also took input from the few viewers i had on the livestream and overall it was a nice interactive process.
Check out: The youtube video

Build2 2015-04-23 03-28-47-69

Unity: Watershader

This project was about coding a water surface in unity 3D, i however took it a little further and decided to create a environment around the water shader. All in all id like to think this is a pretty calming scene and im happy with the end product. ( Which is why posted it here on my site )
Check out: The youtube video

Unity: Snow prototype

This unity scene was mostly about testing with a snowy enviroment in unity. I wanted to make a bright looking level, where actually looking at things was hard todo because of snow. I looked into particle effects, snow textures, footsteps and player teleportation.
Check out: The youtube video

plugin-container 2015-02-23 20-07-47-33

Maya: Enviroment Wine Cellar

This project was about creating a scene in Autodesk Maya3D and importing this scene into Unity 3D. For this project i decided to play around a little bit with light effects and setting a good mood/ atmosphere for the level. Also toyed abit with music and sound effects.
Check out: The youtube video

Unity: Rain Startscreen

This small scene is a start screen for a larger game of which i sadly lost the files, however im posting this part here because i like the atmosphere of the rain in this scene and i wanted to show more examples of atmosphere building.
Check out: The youtube video