Design for Space

This project was about making a game where the use of the enviroment was the focus point. The game had to have a minimum of three challenges to overcome (puzzles, events, etc.) So with only these limitations we had quite some freedom to create our own game. This project i did all the 3D modeling and a big part of the level design, really quite happy how this project turned out since it was quite a large game to play.

Project : By Any Means

This project was about making a game with a new spin on the Point and click genre. The way we did this was by combining 3D level design with 2D interactables. You follow a lost viking girl on her journey and help her make choices for the challenges she faces. (Combat, Social, Stealth & Magic) The player interacted with the game with a physical button controller that has 4 different interaction methods. Based on the player choices paths are opened / closed off.

Happy Aging

This project was about making a interactive application for seniors above the age of 60 that would be helpfull to their lifes. My team made an application that would help seniors find a list of activities todo. They could check these activities of a list by making a photo of the activity. This function and social media implementation were meant to motivate the user to keep doing these activities so they would get outside more.

Openlucht Museum

This project was about making an interactive installation for our client The Openlucht Museum. The application needed to be about a historical time period and we would teach the visitors of the museum about this time period with the application. Target group was about age 6 to age 10 and it needed to be a relatively short experience.

Going for a ride

This project was about making a game where the player gets to experience a ride. The idea was that the player rides trough the memory’s flashing before his eyes before ones death. While riding through these memories the player slowly discovers more of the story and what has happened, and of all the terrible things he may or may not have done. While its a ride and the player has almost no control over the game, the player still has a few interaction moments.