EarthCams: Mayan Temple Island
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Description: Mayan Temple Tikal
We take you on a virtual tour of the most visited spot in Mayan Culture! Our exlusive webcams show you different angles of the Mayan temple Tikal. Watch the wind blow trough the many trees around the temple, see the crazy weather changes and perhaps spot the ellusive mythical creature roaming the island. It is said the legendary beast Huay Chivo has found its new home on the island. If you happen to spot any interesting sights on the webcam, make sure to make a screenshot and submit it to the website. If anyone is able to capture a screenshot of the ellusive creature Huay Chivo, there is a prize reward if you submit your screenshot. (Send an email to Make sure to attach your screenshot) Our exclusive webcams feature aerial views of the action below and the world famous street-level camera with audio. Interact with both live streaming views from the HD presets, as well as updating high resolution still images from the MP (megapixel) that submitted to the screenshot library. Make sure to check the screenshots others have made to see if they found any fun happenings!
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