Happy Aging Project

Happy Aging Project: Check

Project role : Design & Concept + Video Editing

What was the project? (application name: Check)
For the project Happy Aging and on behalf of the HKU (Hogeschool Kunsten Utrecht) we made this 2D application for the Android Tablet. The Assignment was that we needed todo research about the needs and problems of seniors that were above the age of 65. With the results of this research we were told to make a game or an application. Our team focused on certain research results that were about elderly being lonley sometimes and they they wanted to go out more / do more activities out side the house. Both these main aspects of our research combined made us think about making a application that would motivate the seniors todo activities.

Who were the team members?
In this rather short project we have a total of four team members, all students from the HKU. It was a rather small project because of the short time we had to complete it. In this project I focused more on thinking about the concept and doing all the little things around the project that needed to be done. For example video editing and voice acting for the trailer.

Celine Veltman : Art & Concept
Wybe van den Bosch: Concept & Video Editing
Mike-bryan van der waard: Art Lead & Concept
Bryan Dekker: Coding and design.

More information about the product :
Our team made a application that would help seniors find activities todo out side of the house. The user enters their information ( residence, age and how far they want to have activities) and our app looks through our database for activities that would fit the user. Then the user gets a screen where they have a checklist of activities. Here they can select the activities and see more information about them + where they are. And when they are donig the activity they can check it off the list by making a picture of the activity. Users can also share activities + fotos they made on social media.In future versions of this project there wlll also be a local database where you can see other peoples pictures at the activity that you are doing.