Project: Openlucht Museum

Project Openlucht Museum : Romeinse Limes

Project role : Level design, Coding & Video Editing

What was the project? (game name: De romeinse Limes(NL))
This project was made for the Openlucht museum who asked us to make a prototype for a historic interactive installation. We were given several time periods to choose from and to make a educative application/game about. Our team chose the Roman Limes because we found this to be the most interesting time period. The game should be for the younger audiences from around age 6 to age 10.

Who were the team members?
This was one of the first projects made on the HKU, before we were taught Unity 3D. Which is why the game is fully made in the coding language Processing.

Hilly de Bruin: 2D characters and assets.
Wybe van den Bosch: Main Coding, Level design & Video Editing
Kevin Derksen: Coding
Shaila Kalicharan: Background art
Remco Sprenkels: Concept & coding

More information about the product :
The idea behind this game was that the player would help the roman general fix up his camp and along the way the player would learn a few things about roman culture. Mainly about the roman armor, and for example the use of aqueducts. Because we made the game in processing, the game took alot longer to make then it would have in Unity (looking back at it ). Still it was a good learning experience about making such a project in a code language such as Processing.

Gameplay mechanics in our game were : Point and click on objects, solving puzzles and the use of items.